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Hotel rooms

Most hotels do have Single and Double/Twin rooms. Some hotels have Triple or larger rooms.

Type Number of beds Number of persons
Single Room
Double Room
One or two
One or two
Twin Room
One or two
Triple Room
Two or three
One, two or three

In general, hotels do not accept more persons in a room as given in the table. Most hotels do make an exception for young children, staying in their parents room. Some hotels can offer (for extra costs) an extra bed in the room. Please check the web page of the hotel or contact Asia Traveller before you make a booking with an extra person.


All hotels are graded by stars from the highest (5-star) to the minimum (1-star).

Star gradings are based on universal hotel- and hospitality standards. These standards give you an overview of the quality and service to expect from hotels listed on the system.

Star ratings adhere to the following criteria:

: Simple hotel ('Low budget hotel')
No private baths, but hot and cold water in rooms. Breakfast available.

: Standard Hotel ('budget hotel')
Some rooms have private facilities (toilet/shower). Other amenities include a bar. The hotel has an elevator if it has more than 3 floors.

: Middle-class hotel
Half of the rooms have private facilities. Other amenities include day reception, telephone in room. The hotel has an elevator if it has more than 2 floors.

: First-class hotel
All rooms have private facilities. Other amenities include night reception, breakfast service, desk in room.

: Luxury Hotel
Luxury decorated rooms. Other amenities include 24 hours room service, gift shop, parking and taxi service.

Booking procedure

Almost all hotels can be booked on-line. Just click on the 'Book now' button of the room, package or special offer on the web page of the hotel. You can fill in a booking form and you will receive a confirmation by E-mail (within a few minutes). Please note that the booking is processed automatically. If you still have any questions please contact us first.

Some of the rooms, packages or special offers can be booked on request only. After filling in a booking request form, Asia Traveller will first contact the hotel to check if the hotel can accept the booking or not. Within one working day we will send you an E-mail message. If the hotel can accept the booking, you can accept the booking by following the simple procedure given in the message.

Cancellation of booking

After making a booking you can usually cancel the booking again without any costs. Only if you cancel your reservation after the time given on the web site (normally 24 hours before arrival) the hotel may debit the costs of the first night. Please follow the cancellation procedure as given in the confirmation message.

Credit Card Guarantee

Most hotels do ask for your credit card details.

Credit card details are ONLY used to guarantee (secure or hold) the reservation. The credit card will NOT be debited unless you fail to arrive and if you haven't cancelled your reservation before the time given on the web site (normally 24 hours before arrival).

The credit card details can be filled in as part of the booking process or can be faxed seperately after making a booking. The fax number of the hotel is given in the confirmation e-mail you recieve at the end of your reservation.

Payments will be done during your stay in the hotel (cash, credit card, etc.).

If you don't have a credit card please contact the hotel after you have made a booking (details are given in the confirmation message). With many of the hotels you can make another arrangement, depending on your expected arrival time and length of stay.

Tour Packages, Air Tickets and Transfers


To make reservations for packages, transfers or purchase air ticket, please send your inquiry by using our online reservation system in each category. No payment is required upon sending your inquiry. After we have received your inquiry, we will process your request within 48 hours. We will then get back to you with your reservation information for your confirmation. You will then receive your order reference number. To review your order, please use this number to log on at the home page under "My Reservations".

Make Payment
To make payment for your order, please use the order reference that you have received from us to log on to our secured online payment system at MAKE PAYMENT section.

Order Confirmation
Your order will be completed only after we have received your payment.

For hotel check-in, please present your passport at the reservation counter.

Air Ticket Pick up
For air ticket purchase, you can collect your air ticket at the air port or at the hotel.


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